The Music Teachers’ Association of the Northwest Territories (MTA-NWT) is a registered not-for-profit society whose objectives are:
  • To foster and encourage the study of music and music theory in the NWT

  • To provide professional contact and support for NWT music teachers

  • To maintain an established examination centre in the NWT to allow music students to progress through standardized examinations (both performance/practical and theory)

  • To encourage opportunities for students to have educational performance opportunities in various music disciplines

What do we do?

We support music teachers in all disciplines, including piano, voice, strings and wind instruments, as well as music theory and history.  Ages and abilities taught range from the very young, through music and movement style teaching, to the guiding of semi-professional musicians.  We support school music teachers at all levels.  Beyond being involved with their own students, Music Teachers’ Association members are involved in fostering music excellence and appreciation amongst their pupils and themselves.
Currently our biggest project is running the Yellowknife Music Festival.